The World’s Most Spooky Abandoned Houses

Abandoned houses have a unique allure that piques our imagination, serving as silent witnesses to history and concealing mysterious secrets within their crumbling walls. The idea of exploring these decaying landmarks on a dark night can send shivers down one’s spine. Let’s delve into some of the eeriest abandoned homes from around the world, if you dare…

The Abandoned Family Home With Its Own Cemetery

In 2020, Leland Kent of Abandoned Southeast ventured onto the grounds of the Moulthrop House near Lake Eufaula, Alabama. This eerie family home, completed in 1837, boasted opulent interiors and even had its own cemetery. The Moulthrop family owned the property until the 1980s, but with no living heirs to inherit it, the house was sold to a real estate developer. Plans to restore the property never came to fruition, and it quickly deteriorated into a state of disrepair.

Spooky Gothic Castle in Transylvania

Transylvania, Romania, with its Gothic allure, is a place of fascination, and this historic castle is nestled in the heart of Dracula’s homeland. Constructed at the end of the 18th century, it served as the summer residence of Count Géza Teleki and later his son, Pál Teleki, a controversial figure with strong anti-Semitic views. In 1941, when German troops crossed Hungarian territory, Pál tragically took his own life, and the Teleki Castle sadly fell into decay.

Ill-fated Gilded Age Mansion

Lynnewood Hall in Pennsylvania, USA, is considered one of the most significant surviving Gilded Age mansions in the country and harbors its share of secrets. The mansion’s construction was initiated by US tycoon Peter Arrell Browne Widener after his wife Hannah’s passing in 1896. However, tragedy followed Widener to his new home. In 1915, he passed away after prolonged illness, just three years after losing his heirs in the ill-fated sinking of the Titanic. Lynnewood Hall has remained vacant since around 1948, shrouded in its enigmatic history.

Cursed millionaire Mansion

Castelo da Dona Chica in Palmeira, Portugal, is a mansion filled with secrets. Construction began in 1915 and was commissioned by João José Ferreira do Rego and his wealthy heiress wife, Francisca. However, in 1919, the project was abruptly halted as the couple ran out of funds and parted ways. Legend has it that Francisca placed a curse on the castle, vowing that it would never be completed or inhabited. Whether this folklore holds true or not, it seems her hex has had a lasting impact.

Haunting Irish Mansion

Mayfield House, once the residence of a prosperous Irish family in the 1800s, stood vacant for thirty long years. Commissioned in the 1740s by David Malcomson, it changed ownership numerous times over the decades before being abandoned in 1985. Overgrown greenery, broken windows, and crumbling brickwork characterize the property’s current state. In late 2021, it hit the market for €790,000 (£697k / $772k) and is said to be undergoing a transformation into a luxurious hotel. Let’s hope it’s free from hauntings!

Eerie Vacant Estate in Georgia

Another ill-fated self-built mansion is Rockwell House in Georgia, which has remained vacant since a fire in 1969. Built in 1838 for Colonel Samuel Rockwell, the house has a grim story attached to it. It’s rumored that the colonel died of a heart attack in 1841 when he received the bill for his newly installed wrought-iron fence, which is said to have cost as much as the house itself, around $2,600 (£2.4k), equivalent to approximately $88,510 (£82.4k) today. You can take a tour of Rockwell House courtesy of Abandoned Southeast.

Notorious Summer Hill ‘Ghost’ House

According to the REA Group, the Summer Hill house was “full of cobwebs and abandoned furniture” when it hit the real estate market in late 2019. Some dubbed it a “ghost house,” with the deserted property strewn with dusty crockery, old rope, empty bottles, and an overgrown front entrance. Despite its eerie appearance, the property managed to sell for AUD$1.7 million (£1m/$1.1m).

Fire-Destroyed Plantation Mansion

This plantation mansion, now in ruins near Lowndesboro, Alabama, traces its origins back to 1830 but underwent a Greek Revival-style remodel in the 1850s. The property passed through the hands of several prominent local families before being acquired by Robert Dickson in 1901. Tragically, the mansion was ravaged by fire. A new mansion was constructed in its place, boasting the claim of being fireproof. However, the second iteration of the house also succumbed to flames in 1964, and it has remained in this state ever since.

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Confederate Colonel’s Abandoned Dream Home

The former residence of a Confederate colonel, this antebellum house in northern Virginia, USA, was mysteriously abandoned many years ago. It is believed to have been built between 1853 and 1856, with a staggering 300,000 bricks used solely for the basement and chimneys. Unfortunately, the house now stands as a shadow of its former self, covered in creeping vines on the exterior, and its once ornate rooms are scattered with dust and long-forgotten belongings. Thanks to renowned urbex photographer Bryan Sansivero, we get a glimpse inside this time capsule. Dare you explore?

The Bewitched Carleton Island Villa

This decrepit villa on Carleton Island, New York, has been vacant since 1927 and is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of its former owner, typewriter entrepreneur William Wyckoff, and his family. The lavish abandoned mansion was commissioned by Wyckoff in the 1890s, but he is said to have died of a heart attack on his very first night in the mansion, just a month after his wife’s unexpected passing. The legends and stories surrounding this property are quite intriguing.

Long-Abandoned Pendleton-Graves House

This is one residence you wouldn’t want to stumble upon after nightfall. Located in Sparta, Georgia, the original structure of the ornate Pendleton-Graves House dates back to the 1820s. Once a prominent landmark in the area, this grand structure, with its turrets, cornices, and elegant porch, has been left to the elements for an extended period. It presents a haunting sight, but it’s evident that the property holds the potential to be something truly remarkable if it could be rescued from its current state of abandonment.

Eerie Woodland Retreat in Latvia

Nestled in the town of Dobele, within Latvia’s Zemgale district, this unsettling home could easily be a setting for a horror film. Surrounded by twisted trees, the derelict woodland residence appears to have been abandoned for quite some time, evident from the broken windows and moss-covered roof. Would you dare to step inside?

Once Ornate Georgian Villa

Despite its current state of decay, it’s hard not to be captivated by this once-extravagant home in Kojori, Georgia. From the exquisite porch gable to the diamond-tiled roof and intricate windows, one can only imagine the grandeur it once possessed. However, years of neglect have taken their toll, leaving behind shattered glass and rotting woodwork. Today, it stands as a haunting structure, isolated in a desolate clearing.

Weathered Utah Cabin

Once a part of a small community of shacks and cabins that housed miners, this eerie abandoned tiny home has been left to the mercy of the elements. Located in the rugged shrublands and mountains of Utah, you’ll find rusted and bullet-riddled furniture strewn outside the cabin, including a refrigerator. Could it have been the scene of a dramatic confrontation?

Abandoned Russian Mega-Mansion

With its broken windows and crumbling brickwork, it’s clear that many years have passed since anyone called this empty brick mansion home. It once boasted a grand tree-lined drive and an imposing pedimented façade, serving as a spectacular residence in a bygone era. Now, it stands as a shadow of its former self, looming eerily between the branches, more haunting than elegant.

Eerie Chernobyl Mansion

Few places in the world hold as much eerie and heartbreaking significance as Chernobyl, the site of the devastating nuclear disaster in 1986. As a result of the worst nuclear power plant accident in history, the city was evacuated, and access is tightly controlled by the Ukrainian government. This abandoned mansion is just one of the many dilapidated houses that remain in the toxic town, serving as a haunting reminder of the thousands who have perished since the disaster.

The Mississippi Mansion Shrouded in Mystery

Situated in Natchez, Mississippi, this once-grand mansion has now become a desolate and melancholy structure, even though it’s regarded as one of the most significant heritage buildings in the region. Cloaked in mystery, the home’s original owners, John Hampton White and his wife, Jane, both passed away in close succession. In fact, John is said to have died around the same time the building was completed in 1819. Leland Kent of Abandoned Southeast provides us with a glimpse inside this antebellum house. Take a look…

Spooky Countryside Cabin in Sweden

This eerie, vacant house stands alone in the middle of the Swedish countryside, abandoned without explanation by its owner. Surrounded by trees and located in a remote area, the dilapidated wooden house sends chills down our spines. Regardless of the story behind its abandonment, it’s far from being an idyllic holiday retreat!

The Deserted Desert Dwellings of Kolmanskop

Once a bustling diamond mining town, Kolmanskop was abandoned in the 1950s when the diamond supply dwindled. While Kolmanskop may be a ghost town, its former residents left behind some fascinating houses, including this desolate property. Completely engulfed by sand, the site is now a tourist attraction managed by the renowned diamond company De Beers and serves as a location for TV, film, and fashion shoots.

Abandoned Miner’s Cabin in California

Benton Hot Springs in California was once a thriving mining town in the 19th century. However, as heavy industry declined, the town’s population dwindled rapidly, leading to the neglect and abandonment of many homes, such as this old miner’s cabin. After years of abandonment, this eerie cabin has started to crumble, just one of many in this desert ghost town.

19th-Century Castle Left To Decay

Built in the mid-19th century, Bissingen Castle in Vlajkovac, Serbia, is a fairytale castle that has fallen into disrepair. Once the residence of local nobility, it now stands in stark contrast to its regal past. Although there were plans to transform the structure into a hotel, there is no sign of progress, and the grand estate continues to languish. Perhaps it already has some unseen guests…

Derelict Transylvanian House

This abandoned home in Transylvania, Romania, epitomizes the quintessential haunted house aesthetic. The steps are covered in moss, there are empty window frames, and the facade has crumbled into a chaotic mess due to the relentless passage of time. All it needs now is a resident vampire to complete the eerie atmosphere!

Ruined Vietnamese Villa

Once a symbol of opulence, this Vietnamese villa in Đà Lạt harks back to a bygone era. Developed as a French colonial resort in the early 1900s, it still retains echoes of its historical grandeur. However, despite its idyllic lakeside setting, the decaying home, with its bricked-up doors and windows, is gradually deteriorating into a state of disrepair.

Decrepit Old Home in Estonia

Straight out of a horror movie, this abandoned house in Tallinn is in dire need of more than just a fresh coat of paint to make it habitable again. This property is a nightmare, with shattered windows, structural issues, and a facade that’s marred by rotting wood, graffiti, and crumbling brickwork.

The House Overtaken by Trees

Taking the concept of treehouses to a whole new level, this house in Hemsedal, Norway has experienced an unusual fate in its abandonment. Instead of offering cozy rooms, it has become a habitat for spruce trees that have managed to push through the house’s roof. It’s a mystery how they made their way inside, as the area around the structure seems to be devoid of trees.

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Dilapidated Dream Home in Tuscany

One might wonder why anyone would ever abandon such a majestic residence in Tuscany, one of the most beautiful regions in the world. Whatever the reason, this once-dream home has been vacant for decades and has gradually succumbed to a state of neglect and disrepair.

Autumnal Abandoned Home

While many abandoned homes deteriorate over time, this house in Aomori, Japan, defies the norm. Every year, it comes to life in autumn, as the leaves of the vines that have gradually encroached upon its exterior burst into a vibrant display of colors.

The Brooksville Treehouse

Most childhood treehouses are small wooden boxes perched in backyard trees. However, this exceptional treehouse is in a league of its own. Constructed by a wealthy Florida industrialist for his grandchildren in the 1980s, it boasts kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Since the industrialist’s passing in the early 2000s, the dilapidated treehouse has become a haunting reminder of what once was, affectionately known by locals as Honky Ranch Treehouse.

Vacant Greek Revival Home in Alabama

Photographed by Leland Kent of Abandoned Southeast, this eerie Greek Revival mansion in Alabama conceals a chilling secret within its crumbling walls. Ravaged by two storms that left the home exposed to the elements, the abandoned mansion previously served as a family funeral business. Even more spine-tingling, some of the rooms are still filled with coffins and undertaker’s equipment.

The Majestic Château Damaged During the French Revolution

This grand château has a history dating back to the 13th century, but the passage of time has not been kind. Ravaged by devastating fires and severely damaged during the French Revolution, it now stands as a dilapidated shell. However, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched to raise funds for the restoration of this historic castle, offering hope for its revival.

Dilapidated River House in Thailand

Although it may appear picturesque at first glance, this abandoned river house in Phatthalung, Thailand, is anything but idyllic. Neglected for an extended period, its walls are disintegrating, the roof is crumbling, and the land beneath it is slowly succumbing to the encroaching water.

Spooky Student Rental Property

This abandoned property in Dunedin, New Zealand, appears like a setting from a scary movie. Graffiti adorns the exterior, adding an eerie feel to this dilapidated student rental property. It’s the kind of place one would want to avoid.

Former Georgian Parsonage

Nestled in five acres of Devonshire countryside, this seven-bedroom Georgian parsonage may seem peaceful, but it’s far from idyllic. It lacks modern amenities like running water, and both the interior and exterior are in a state of decay. Overgrown plant life clings to the walls, creating a spooky atmosphere, and an unsettling sense of quiet pervades the property.

The House Eroded by The Sea

Holland Island in Maryland was once a thriving community with over 60 residential properties and hundreds of residents. However, due to dramatic erosion and rising sea levels, the community was forced to relocate in the 1920s. This house was the last surviving structure on the island, clinging to existence against the sea before it eventually collapsed in 2010.

Ramshackle Neoclassical Palace

Darul Aman Palace in Kabul, originally intended to be a glorious neo-classical palace, never realized its full potential due to decades of war and conflict. Today, it stands as a haunting, abandoned shell, serving as a symbol of what could have been.

Deserted Ghost Town Cabin in California

Bodie, a gold-mining town that thrived in the late 19th century, saw its population dwindle to near abandonment after the initial boom. By the mid-20th century, it had become a deserted ghost town. This cabin, like many others in Bodie, has been empty for over a century, making it a relic of the past that visitors can explore.

Cobweb-laced Timber Cabin

This mysterious wooden cabin, nestled in the Owl Mountains in Poland’s protected nature reserve, has a sinister air. Complete with cobweb-laced windows, it’s the kind of place you wouldn’t want to stumble upon, especially at night.

Former Belgian Orphanage

While it may look like a fairytale castle from the outside, this abandoned château has a dark history. Built in the 19th century, it was occupied by the Nazis during World War II, later serving as an orphanage and holiday camp. The crumbling palace became too costly to maintain and was closed in 1991, experiencing a devastating fire a few years later. Although the grand home has since been demolished, its eerie facade remains unforgettable.

Italianate Manor With a Political Past

Known as Orr Manor, this home was influenced by Gothic Revival and Italianate architecture and was built around 1865 by a local judge. The reasons for its abandonment remain a mystery, but it’s evident that the last owners left in haste. Surprisingly, this once-elegant home sold for a mere $90,000 (£83.7k) in 2021, raising hopes that the new owner will restore the manor to its former glory.

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