4 Amazing Abandoned Properties For You To Buy

Here, you’ll discover some amazing hidden treasures just waiting for a new chance at life. There’s an old, run-down company headquarters, a magnificent marble building, and even an abandoned jail with its original cells. These places are bursting with potential and could be your next thrilling renovation endeavor. Take a closer look for the opportunity of a lifetime…

Abandoned School, Massachusetts, USA: £945,000 ($1.1m)

If you’re on the lookout for a charming historic property in Fall River, Massachusetts, consider this abandoned school. This lovely brick building dates back to 1910 and boasts plenty of curb appeal, along with a spacious interior just waiting for the right buyer to bring it back to life.

The Seyboth Team at Century 21 is handling the sale of this impressive property, priced at £945,000 ($1.1 million). In return, you’ll get a generous 25,410 square feet of interior space spread across three floors.

As you can see, someone has already begun the renovation process by stripping the building down to its core. Still, there’s quite a bit of work left to make the property habitable. Yet, with its large sash windows, tiled walls, and high ceilings, there are many charming features that will surely capture the hearts of those who enjoy fixing up old buildings.

The property also includes half an acre of outdoor space, which could be transformed into a beautiful garden. What’s more, historical tax credits are available for anyone willing to take on this project, and the listing agents have a wealth of architectural designs and illustrations ready to serve as inspiration for exciting renovation projects.

Former Masonic Temple, North Carolina, USA: £1.3 million ($1.6m)

If you’ve got a bit more to invest, how about considering this former Masonic temple in Sanford, North Carolina? It’s listed on LoopNet for £1.3 million ($1.6 million) and is quite an impressive property, built back in 1924. It used to be the home of the Sanford Masonic Lodge until the 1980s.

This three-story building has seen various uses over the years. The ground floor once housed Cole’s Pharmacy with a charming vintage soda bar, and it also served as the Temple Theatre, hosting burlesque road shows in the 1930s. While the interior images aren’t the clearest, they do showcase some beautiful period details that are definitely worth preserving. Just take a look at the temple-like stage with its stunning structural columns.

According to the listing, the upper floors were used for Masonic meetings. As for the basement floor, it’s currently occupied by Nunnery’s Shoes, which offers an opportunity to generate some extra income.

However, this space could also be transformed into a speakeasy-style bar, in keeping with the building’s origins from the prohibition era. The options are virtually limitless here, whether you want to create a grand residence, convert the property into apartments, or establish a live-work space that generates income.

Historic Warehouse, London, UK: £3 million ($3.6m)

While London is renowned for its sky-high property prices, affordable real estate that offers value for your money is a rare find. However, this beautiful and historically significant former warehouse might just be the exception to the rule.

Located on Dock Street in the East London neighborhood of Aldgate, this building is a piece of the area’s industrial heritage. Back in the day, this neighborhood was teeming with warehouses and industrial properties, thanks to its close proximity to the River Thames and the bustling streets of Whitechapel. Although the exact construction date of the warehouse is uncertain, it’s likely it was built in the 19th century.

The exterior boasts charming sash windows, distinctive arched details, and exposed brick, while the interior features hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings adorned with wooden beams, and a variety of unique glazing elements, including portholes and loading windows that were once used for moving goods in and out. The interior spans an impressive 4,523 square feet across three floors, and the top level is where you’ll find this gem.

The other two floors are currently configured as vacant office spaces, complete with bathroom and kitchen facilities. There’s also a mezzanine level on the top floor that could serve as a delightful bedroom. With abundant space and a rich history, this former industrial property is likely to be in high demand. If you’ve got £3 million ($3.6 million) to spare, it could soon be in your hands.

Empty College Campus, Georgia, USA: £20.7 million ($25m)

This former college campus in East Point, Georgia, once a bustling hub of students, is now on the market for an asking price of £20.7 million ($25 million). It’s seeking new owners who are up for a rewarding challenge. This property is a fantastic opportunity for redevelopment, as it comes with residential zoning and can easily be transformed into a unique home.

This campus has a rich history dating back to 1957 and encompasses eight buildings, covering a total of 107,700 square feet. Among these structures, three already have certificates of occupancy. Notably, there’s a remarkable gymnasium and some former student dormitories, which could be wonderfully repurposed into holiday homes. Inside, you’ll find remnants of its past life, and you can envision turning this entrance into a grand hallway.

The main building is a two-story structure and offers a wealth of classrooms, offices, and spaces that are just waiting to be transformed into living areas. The panelled walls in this space, for instance, would make for a stunning open-plan living room.

The property includes 23 acres of surrounding land that used to be utilized by students for sports and recreation. The former tennis court may need some tender loving care, having been left abandoned for years. In addition, there’s a spacious parking area, numerous lawns, and a woodland, opening up a world of possibilities for redevelopment.

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