Amazing Abandoned Properties For Sale

Here lie hidden gems, patiently waiting for a fresh lease on life. Among them, a dilapidated company headquarters, a marvel constructed entirely from marble, and an abandoned jail, complete with its original cells. These properties are teeming with promise and could be your next exciting renovation project. Explore further for the opportunity of a lifetime…

Livestock barn, Haute-Vienne, France: £159,980 ($192k)

Seeking a tranquil rural haven in the French countryside? This weathered livestock barn, situated in the picturesque Haute-Vienne region, might be just within your grasp. Currently priced at a mere £159,980 (or approximately €180,000 in local currency), this property offers vast potential for renovation.

Located just 30 minutes from Limoges, a charming city in southwest-central France, this property enjoys the best of both worlds: proximity to urban amenities and seclusion on its expansive three-acre estate. While it’s far from move-in ready, the property offers plenty of space and intriguing features. You’ll find a stable block, a barn, an old mushroom store, and a hayloft.

Moreover, a historic dovecote and the remnants of an old rabbit breeding building add unique character to the property, offering the opportunity to restart a business or convert the structures into additional accommodation. Dating back to 1930, the farm buildings exude charm, with their stone facades, concrete floors, distinctive ceilings, elegant windows, and exposed timber beams – all waiting to be rediscovered.

The primary building offers a generous 7,717 square feet of space, while a smaller outbuilding contributes an additional 215 square feet. With three acres of beautiful land included in the sale, the potential for development here is virtually boundless.

Historic church, Indiana, USA: £270,400 ($325k)

Demonstrating that you don’t always need a fortune to acquire something grand and remarkable, this historic church in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is available for a modest £270,400 (approximately $325k).

Built in 1927, the striking structure initially served as the home of the First Church of Christian Scientists. Over the years, it has seen various uses, but we believe it’s time for it to be reborn as a truly unique residence.

Remarkably, the interior spans an impressive 27,556 square feet, with many rooms featuring lofty ceilings, stained-glass windows, terrazzo flooring, and exquisite timber ceilings. This incredible space likely once served as the church’s nave, where sermons and ceremonies were held. Now, envision it as an open-plan living room, complete with a kitchen, lounge, and dining area.

The abandoned church boasts three expansive floors, including a charming mezzanine balcony that could be transformed into a delightful home office. With an acre of land outside, the new owner will have the opportunity to create a customized home or launch their own business within this splendid building.

Former missile base, Texas, USA: £290,500 ($350k)

If you’ve ever dreamt of owning a piece of military history, then this former missile base in Abilene, Texas, may be the listing of your dreams, and it’s surprisingly affordable at just £290,500 (approximately $350k).

This expansive estate spans over 12 acres and was originally known as the Nike Missile Control Site DY-10, located at Fort Phantom Hill. It has a rich history as a frontier outpost and a stop on the Butterfield stage route. Dating back to 1960, many of the structures on the property have seen better days, requiring significant restoration to bring them back to their former glory.

The site comprises approximately seven distinct concrete structures, totaling 18,930 square feet, all enclosed by a commercial-grade chain-link fence. This former military base presents an intriguing opportunity, whether you’re looking for a unique hideaway in case of natural disasters or fantasize about a zombie apocalypse scenario. With some strategic upgrades, these buildings could potentially be made impenetrable.

However, as evident from the photos, they are in need of a thorough makeover. From crumbling walls and ceilings to shattered windows, rising damp, and rot, there are several structural challenges that must be addressed before anyone can call this place home. If you’re up for the task, don’t hesitate, as missile bases like this tend to attract considerable interest and can be snapped up swiftly!

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Historic boarding house, Texas, USA: £561,500 ($675k)

This fantastic property in Montgomery, Texas, offers exceptional value at a price of £561,500 (around $675k) and boasts abundant space, a captivating interior, and exciting development potential. Let’s explore what it has to offer.

Dating back to the late 1800s, this building once served as a boarding house for the employees of the Montgomery Mill and Lumber Company’s sawmill, which was operational on this site during that era. The sawmill’s history spans from 1884 to 1896, after which the property stood abandoned. Over the years, there have been some renovation efforts to preserve the remarkable period design details of the building.

This former workers’ lodging spans two floors and encompasses a total of 2,329 square feet. Inside, you’ll find a spacious yet old-fashioned kitchen, numerous reception rooms, an inviting entrance hall, and a variety of bedrooms awaiting a fresh transformation.

Offered as-is, the sale includes all the historical furnishings and belongings found in some of the rooms. Each room is adorned with delightful historic features, including hardwood floors, brick and tile fireplaces, large sash windows, and vintage light fixtures. Outside, the property boasts a wrap-around front porch and a second-floor balcony. It also includes five acres of land, a rustic two-story barn, and a wooden carport, both of which offer exciting potential for conversion into additional homes or living spaces.

Former marble company HQ, Vermont, USA: £666,100 ($799k)

The former headquarters of The Vermont Marble Company, this remarkable property, constructed in 1924, is a testament to the region’s abundant marble resources. Dismantling the structure and selling its marble bricks would undoubtedly be a lucrative endeavor. However, why disassemble this property when it has the potential to be transformed into a truly spectacular modern mansion?

This former company headquarters spans an impressive 28,128 square feet and is located a few miles from the city of Rutland, Vermont, in the charming town of Proctor. Despite its grandeur and the opulent building materials used, this property is currently available for the reasonable price of £666,100 (approximately $799k). Nevertheless, it’s evident that the new owner will need to invest significant time and resources into a comprehensive renovation.

Over the years, the property has served as a college and professional offices, but now it’s ready for a fresh chapter. Whether you envision dividing it into apartments, creating a sprawling family home, or even starting your own hotel, there is immense potential here to craft something truly special. Every room is a blank canvas, boasting numerous windows, lofty ceilings, and exquisite marble accents.

The listing suggests there is room for 10 bedrooms and four bathrooms or the possibility of creating eight 3,500-square-foot condos. What’s even more enticing, grants and funding are available to the buyer if they opt to convert the structure into a residential property, in response to the current housing shortage in the area. So, what are you waiting for? The possibilities here are boundless!

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