Under $100K Sunday- C.1896 Abandoned School For Sale In Salem, OH $95K

Here’s a charming brick school up for sale in a cozy residential neighborhood in Salem, Ohio. Prospect Elementary School, originally built in 1896 with later additions, has quite a story to tell. Back in its heyday, it catered to 166 young students in grades 4 to 6 until it closed its doors for good in 2007. Now, it sits there, empty and abandoned, on a 0.38-acre plot of land. But when it was first built, it proudly occupied a sprawling five-acre space, part of which has transformed into the lovely Kelley Park just behind the school. This park is a real gem, offering a lit-up softball field, a playground, and a favorite spot for winter sledding.

Now, about this opportunity – Prospect Elementary School is on the market in Salem. It’s quite a spacious place, boasting 16,964 square feet of interior space. This historic building in Salem holds immense potential. Currently, it retains its classroom layout, complete with a gymnasium and offices. The building is in excellent shape, a testament to its enduring quality. And there’s more to this property – a separate building that once served as annex classrooms and an additional lot. You’ll notice some pylons marking the eastern boundary, bordering the vacated alley on the east side, while a sturdy black fence defines the western property line. Both these lines extend back to the driveway’s depth.

Here’s a snapshot of the listing:

  • Studio
  • 3 bathrooms
  • 16,964 square feet of space
  • A generous 1.64-acre lot
  • Originally built in 1898

If you’re looking for a unique piece of history in the form of a school turned potential dream project, this might just be your chance!

838 Prospect St, Salem, OH 44460     $95,000

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