Tour The Abandoned Craftsman House Shrouded In Mystery

This lovely Craftsman home in Alabama, designed to blend seamlessly with its natural surroundings, is now in a somewhat ironic battle with Mother Nature. Photographer Leland Kent from Abandoned Southeast ventured through the overgrown vegetation to capture the beauty of this neglected Arts and Crafts house. Once a cherished local landmark, let’s dive into its intriguing history.

Nestled among trees and lush greenery, this two-story farmhouse has been left to decay. It was constructed in 1915 by an Atlanta architect for a wealthy local family on the grounds of a former plantation.

This property is a remarkable example of the American Craftsman architectural style, meant to harmonize with the landscape. Hidden beneath the overgrowth, you can still spot the rustic stonework and wooden details on the façade, along with its distinctive wide eaves and lattice windows.

Regrettably, the exterior is now shrouded in ivy and vines, a clear sign that this farmhouse was abandoned and left to deteriorate some time ago.

The neglect becomes even more apparent when you step inside. The once-grand staircase with its ornate banister, curving at the base, catches your eye. The house was so admired that neighbors supposedly asked the builder to replicate the design for their own homes. One homeowner even went to the extent of replacing their existing staircase with a copy of this one.

The living room displays some of the design elements that made the Craftsman style so popular, including exposed beams and exquisite wood paneling. With its corner bookshelves, this well-proportioned room might have also served as a small library. Surprisingly, there are several pianos throughout the property, with one resting against a wall.

Moving from the living room, you’ll find another reception area with three more pianos, including an ornate grand piano. It makes you wonder if the previous owner was a music teacher. Details are scarce, but it seems that the house was passed down through the family to the owner’s daughter in the 1940s.

According to her obituary, the last owner of this property was a beloved figure in the neighborhood, described as the very essence of a gracious Southern lady. Her home was known for hosting numerous social gatherings and offering warm hospitality to all.

In what appears to have been the dining room, the classic coffered Craftsman ceiling is still visible and would have been a cherished feature of this once-grand abandoned residence. Unfortunately, the passage of time has left its mark here as well, with peeling wallpaper on the ceiling and the floor strewn with debris and the former owner’s extensive belongings.

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This room, filled with natural light from windows on two sides, might have served as a place for the previous occupants to unwind and watch TV. The floor is covered in scattered sheets of paper, and the room seems to have been exposed to the elements, given the leaves scattered near the windows.

Remarkably, the staircase remains in good condition, despite the last owner’s passing in the 1990s at the impressive age of 94. It is believed that the house has remained unoccupied since then.

With the current owner being unknown, the house has been left to the mercy of nature. Once a splendid space, this bedroom is now overflowing with boxes and personal belongings. Sunlight from the windows is obscured by a stray branch that has grown through a broken pane.

Another bedroom reveals a floor covered in loose papers and debris, with an eerie-looking rocking chair placed in the middle of the room. It’s a mystery why the property was never cleared out.

In an eaves room, more possessions are seen, but this space seems to be in particularly poor condition. Stains on the walls and ceiling indicate significant water damage, suggesting a serious issue with dampness.

On a mantelpiece in one of the bedrooms, various old jars sit untouched, except for the thick cobwebs that have formed around them. Though the chintzy floral wallpaper is peeling and faded, it offers a glimpse into the previous owner’s taste. The house is a far cry from its former self, but there may still be hope for this historic structure.

Despite its battle with the forces of nature, it’s worth noting that the property was listed for sale last year at a price of $500,000 (£383k). Hopefully, a well-funded buyer with an appreciation for Arts and Crafts architecture will acquire this historic farmhouse and restore it to its former glory.

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