The Top Secret Underground Alien Base of Dulce

According to reports, the Base of Dulce is America’s largest Reptilian and Grey Alien facility. Cloning, mind control, human/creature crossbreeding, chip implantation, and human feeding experiments are all planned here.

While thinking about UFOs or extraterrestrial lifeforms on this planet, people are quick to recollect strange instances that happened to them or someone close to them. Everyone knows someone who has experienced a supernatural experience that science has failed to explain.

Even if you haven’t had direct contact with extraterrestrial lifeforms, you’ve most likely heard something about it because huge mysteries don’t remain secret for long.

The US government has created a military installation near the little hamlet of Dulce in the city of New Mexico, attracting all types of individuals, both humans and non-humans.

Phillip Schneider, who was born in 1947, was among many who got infatuated with this military station. He was an engineer by trade, but he was most known for his claims of viewing the secrets buried at Dulce Base.

Dulce Underground Base Incident

Phillip Schneider had been hired for an advertised position in New Mexico by a construction business called Morrison-Knudsen. Phil Schneider was the son of a US Navy captain who was involved in extremely complex missions such as Operation Crossroads.

Perhaps it is why they opted to hire him. They intended to construct an underground base near Dulce, which was a reasonably straightforward undertaking. But something went wrong.

According to Schneider, visitors accidently discovered a man-made cave while investigating the caverns surrounding the subterranean base. Hostilities occurred because this covert structure was not American. The “Tall Grays,” as Philip nicknamed them, opened fire when they learned they had guests.

Because the aliens possessed superior technology, the conflict was over quickly. Approximately 60 persons were murdered, including civilians and military personnel working for the same business as Schneider. Philip was one of three survivors, but critically injured.

The aftermath of the incident followed him till his untimely death. He said that the aliens put plasma atomizers on his chest, leading him to get cancer.

Philip Schneider Death was Ruled as Suicide

Philip Schneider committed his life to assisting people in comprehending what occurred in Dulce on that awful night in 1979. Several of his talks bore evidence to his lifelong battle to get his message through. Till he was discovered dead at his house in January 1996.

Police declared the death a suicide by gunfire. Cynthia, his ex-wife, believed it was invalid. Cynthia was informed by a local reporter that there were weird symptoms on Phil’s neck.

According to the examination, a rubber hose was connected to his throat, causing him to die. Cynthia learned that Philip’s residence had been emptied: all of his UFO-related stuff, conspiracy theory literature, and work data were missing, but cash and valuables remained.

One of Philip Schneider’s close friends alleges that before they left ways, Phil informed him that he would never kill himself and that if it was declared suicide, he would not accept it.

The Levels of Dulce Base

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Dulce Base piqued the curiosity of more than just Philip Schneider. The locals of Dulce claim to have observed UFOs several times. The Jicarilla Tribe, who also live near Dulce, not only verifies the same UFO reports, but has also helped disseminate the message. They’ve hosted UFO conferences with the goal of spreading their message to the general public.

Dulce Base Experiments

The 7th level

Dulce Base Level 7

One of the initiatives, known as “The Human Genome Project,” involves genetic testing on humans and animals. All of this was taking place within Dulce Base.

One operator reported seeing multi-legged humans, lizard-like humans, and other species such as human-bats and horses.

Traveling farther deeper inside the base will bring you to the station’s level 7. This level, according to witnesses, holds thousands upon thousands of frozen fetuses. There were other those who were deeply drugged and others who were pleading for rescue.

Workers, on the other hand, said that they were informed that the persons in the cages were typically psychotic and that they should never speak to anyone in a cage.

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