The Most Haunted House in Ireland Is Now Up for Sale — and It Comes With a Private Beach

If you’re open to sharing your dream home with some interesting neighbors, you might just have the opportunity to own it all by yourself, with a touch of intriguing history close by.

Loftus Hall, often regarded as one of Ireland’s most haunted houses, is apparently up for sale now, according to a report by Time Out. The current owners are looking for around €2.5 million (that’s about $2.89 million USD) for this remarkable property that comes with 63 acres of land and a whopping 27,000 square feet of living space, including a private beach!

This place is situated near the town of Wexford and beyond being an incredibly old and charming property, it’s also been the center of spine-tingling tales handed down over generations. Shane and Aidan Quigley, the current owners, got hold of it in 2011, fixed it up real nice, and now they’re putting it out there for anyone to buy. It’s got a bit of a celebrity status too, hosting some famous “residents” besides the Quigleys.

One of the most famous stories linked to Loftus Hall goes back to the 18th century when it was owned by the Tottenham family. As the legend goes, a “dark stranger” showed up at the estate. This all happened when the land was owned by the Tottenhams. Apparently, this occurred right on the property.

So here’s the story: A young woman, likely Lady Anne Tottenham, discovered that this visitor wasn’t human but a supernatural being with “cloven hooves.” The shock of it is said to have led her to her passing, and she’s believed to be the one haunting the hall. It’s said that this stranger, often referred to as “the devil,” roams the halls too. No evidence of haunting before Loftus Hall became a tourist attraction, but it became quite famous thanks to documentaries like The Legend of Loftus Hall and appearances on ghost-hunting shows.

If you’re curious about the property, it’s got 22 rooms for you to explore, and who knows, you might just get to meet a ghostly resident if you decide to move in.

If owning this mansion sounds like your thing, you can get more details by emailing And if you’re into it, you can even do ghost tours and “paranormal lockdowns” at Loftus Hall. Just remember, masks are a must these days due to the ongoing pandemic safety requirements.

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