Near Paris, France, Manoir Colimacon: An Abandoned Beauty

This stunning building was originally a mansion built in 1882. It had around twenty windows and a carriage entrance. The Manoir Colimacon, located in the countryside of northern France, was constructed during the late 19th century. Over the years, it has been known by different names such as “Manoir Joachim Kroll,” “Manoir Beauty,” and “Manoir aux Papillons Bleus.” The current residence was built in the early 1900s using the remains of an earlier castle.

The chateau was once owned by a local farmer who didn’t do much to preserve its historical significance. In the 1970s, the farmer sold Manoir Colimacon to an Iranian engineer who attempted to improve the mansion in various ways. However, there have been ongoing disputes between the current and previous owners. The former owner lived nearby and continued to graze sheep on the land, which caused tensions and arguments. Eventually, the Iranian owner moved to the United States and left the property to deteriorate and be abandoned.

The exterior of the chateau is truly enchanting, resembling something out of a fairy tale. The front entrance is covered in ivy, and the pointed roof gives it a striking Gothic look. The palace consists of three stories, with terrace balconies on the upper two levels.


The most impressive feature of Manoir Colimacon is undoubtedly its grand staircase. This unique spiral staircase connects all the levels on the southern side of the estate. It is supported by sturdy concrete columns, and the steps are tiled with small white porcelain squares featuring various decorative patterns. The staircase stands out from the rest of the house in a distinct way.

On the roof, there is a dusty and sun-damaged plastic dome that allows light to enter. As a result, the light from above takes on an orange hue. In contrast, the light filtering through the small basement windows has a soft bluish tint. The contrasting colors create captivating and atmospheric scenes. Manoir Colimacon is truly a charming place.

The castle is situated in a tranquil area of northern France, tucked away on a road surrounded by woods. It is designed in the Art Nouveau style and has a somewhat eerie appearance. The neighbor who looks after the lawn and tends to his sheep keeps a close eye on the castle. He doesn’t come across as friendly, and if he catches you, he will promptly call the police and may even threaten to puncture your tires if he sees your vehicle.

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