Exploring Hamilton Palace, the £40 Million Eerie Mansion Larger Than Buckingham Palace, Nestled Near Kent

An enormous abandoned mansion, even larger than Buckingham Palace, sits deserted in the countryside. Its price tag of £40 million once labeled it the most expensive privately built house in Britain in a century, but oddly, no one has ever lived in it.

The sight of Hamilton Palace is truly remarkable, though catching a glimpse of it is quite the challenge. The mansion, which now exudes an eerie aura, is located in the Sussex countryside near the border of Kent. It’s almost entirely concealed by dense woods.

Once famously known as the “Ghost House of Sussex,” this mansion was initially intended for the wealthy British businessman Nicholas van Hoogstraten. Construction work began in 1985 but was left incomplete.

Surprisingly, scaffolding still clings to the exterior, despite no visible progress since 2000. This grand structure is tucked away just off a junction on the A22, south of Uckfield in East Sussex, and there are numerous warning signs to deter trespassers.

Draped on the gate is a sign that boldly states, “High Cross Estate, Private Property, Keep Out.” There are other signs as well, cautioning about free-roaming dogs and ongoing shooting activities. Some signs even announce the presence of CCTV surveillance.

Nicholas van Hoogstraten, who now goes by Nicholas von Hessen and is 77 years old, was born in Shoreham, Sussex. He owns many properties in the vicinity.

Over the last couple of decades, he’s been embroiled in publicized disputes with neighbors over the estate. Locals have also expressed frustration about the extensive property lying unused. In response, he remarked, “Even the least knowledgeable individuals would recognize that we’ve been actively beautifying the palace grounds in preparation for scheduled projects.”

He’s refuted claims that the mansion is deteriorating, asserting, “Hamilton Palace is far from being in a state of decay and was constructed to endure for a minimum of 2,000 years. The scaffolding is merely a component of the ongoing routine maintenance that a property of this caliber requires until it’s finished.”

Reports suggest that the estate is now under the ownership of his children through the company Messina Investments.”

You can learn more about it’s history in here.

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