Eerie ‘Ghost Town’ Where £300,000 Homes Have Sat Empty For Years

Creepy pictures reveal a deserted housing estate that looks like a ‘ghost town.’ These sixteen homes, each valued at around £300K, were left abandoned more than ten years ago when construction work suddenly stopped back in 2007.

Found in the town of Sorn in East Ayrshire, Scotland, these properties at Woolmill Place are mostly unoccupied and nature is slowly reclaiming them. Inside, the houses have half-painted walls and incomplete installations like toilets and baths scattered across various rooms.

Originally, a building company constructed this site, but they went out of business due to the 2007 financial crisis. After the company’s collapse, a construction firm purchased the area for £2 million. Unfortunately, according to local residents, this new company hasn’t taken any action since then, allowing the houses to deteriorate with deteriorating interiors.

Back in 2017, a resident of one of these homes expressed her frustration, saying, “We’ve seen no progress in years. The initial promise was to create a thriving community. If they’ve given up on building, that’s okay – but they should consider selling it to someone who’s willing.”

These houses offer views overlooking the River Ayr and Dalgain Farm.

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