Divine Abandoned Churches For Sale

If you find modern homes lacking a certain charm, perhaps something with a bit more soul would suit your taste? Overflowing with history and boasting numerous charming features, these abandoned churches are brimming with conversion potential. Whether it’s a quaint white chapel in Maine or a grand brick church in Scotland, transforming these beautiful buildings into heavenly homes might not require divine intervention after all…

Historic Wooden Church, Indiana, USA: £62,200 ($79k)

Demonstrating that a substantial budget isn’t always necessary to secure something exceptional, this historic wooden church in Lynn, Indiana, is currently listed at a recently reduced price of £62,200 ($79k). Constructed with poplar framing and adorned with oak trim, this elegant structure is a unique find.

As per eXp Realty, it stands as one of the state’s oldest wooden churches and holds the distinction of being one of Randolph County’s only approved venues. This means that the new owner could potentially continue offering wedding ceremonies while residing in another section of the 2,048-square-foot building.

The interior is truly captivating, featuring beautifully refinished hardwood floors, barrel ceilings, and custom-made stained glass windows by a local artist. The former church offers a small entrance foyer, a spacious nave with a mezzanine level, two side rooms that could be partitioned for privacy, and a full basement with its own exterior entrance – perhaps suitable for a private apartment.

Adding to its appeal, the property has already undergone some rehabilitation work, including the addition of a brand-new steeple, potentially easing the renovation process in terms of both effort and cost.

Tiny White chapel, Maine, USA: £68,600 ($90k)

Is there anything more charming than a tiny white chapel? This utterly adorable property is located in the town of Newry, Maine, and is almost too sweet to believe. Dating back to 1904, the church may be small at 952 square feet, but it exudes a grand sense of beauty.

Despite its size, the historic chapel feels surprisingly spacious, thanks to its lofty ceilings and abundant windows. Essentially consisting of one main room with a small entrance hall, the buyer could easily transform it into a delightful open-plan studio, incorporating a lounge, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

The property boasts numerous period details that are worth restoring, from the exquisite timber paneling to the stained-glass features, elegant light fixtures, and hardwood floors. The wooden seats lining the nave could be creatively upcycled into stylish dining chairs.

In addition to the charming interior, there’s a sizable backyard spanning 20,473 square feet (about half an acre), providing ample space for potential building extensions. Situated next to the Bear River, at the entrance to Grafton Notch State Park, it’s an ideal haven for nature enthusiasts. This enchanting property is currently listed for sale with Sally Harkins & Co Real Estate for a modest £69,600 ($90k).

All Hallows Catholic Church, Western Australia, Australia: £166,900 ($217k)

If you’re in search of a distinctive conversion project in Western Australia, consider All Hallows Catholic Church in the city of Boulder, nestled amidst breathtaking nature reserves. This unique property is available for a modest £166,900 ($217k), equivalent to AUD$320,000 in the local currency.

Upon entering through the front doors, you’ll step into an impressive hall. Flooded with light and spacious, the nave features a soaring and intricately decorated ceiling, charming stained-glass windows, and natural timber floors. The listing notes that the interior boasts fantastic acoustics.

At the opposite end of the church, a small mezzanine balcony awaits, perfect for a bedroom and ensuite. With its expansive ceiling and prominent window, this space could be transformed into a VIP-worthy master suite. The Federation Gothic building holds heritage status and underwent extensive restoration and repairs following an earthquake in 2010, ensuring it’s in good condition for conversion.

The interior offers ample space for a lounge, kitchen, dining area, office, bathroom, and bedroom. Additionally, the church is situated on 10,893 square feet of private land, providing plenty of room for further development, a beautiful garden, or the addition of an outbuilding.

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Roman-Byzantine chapel, Picardy, France: £213,900 ($278k)

In the historic commune of Picardy, France, renowned for its picturesque vineyards, stunning chateaus, and proximity to Paris, you have the opportunity to acquire a monumental chapel for just €250,000, approximately £213,900 ($278k).

Constructed after the First World War on the site of a former German trench, this church replaced a smaller, damaged structure. Designed in the Roman-Byzantine Art Deco style by architect Narcisse Laurent, the church was completed in 1937 and has recently received historical monument status, underscoring its local significance.

Spanning over 10,000 square feet, the church takes the form of a Latin cross and boasts an impressive dome supported by eight pillars. The main level, accommodating up to 500 worshippers, is complemented by a lower floor serving as a crypt for parish meetings. The main nave stands out with its large arched openings and imposing domed ceiling.

The building features charming details, including a wooden double door, monumental archways with tall stained-glass windows, and walls adorned with yellow bricks in a Flemish bond pattern. Enclosed by lovely one-acre gardens, this property, although in need of renovation, offers the potential to become an extraordinary home.

Twechar Church and Halls, North Lanarkshire, UK: £219,995 ($286k)

For house-hunters in North Lanarkshire, Scotland, a captivating fixer-upper project awaits – the Twechar Church. Situated in Kilsyth, just 30 minutes from Glasgow’s center, this dramatic stone church, spanning 6,601 square feet, is believed to date back to the early 1900s.

Once a vibrant community hub, the church stands empty but is in excellent condition, thanks to its robust stone construction.

The property features a spacious nave, a kitchen, a hall likely used for community events, and several other vacant rooms ready for a new purpose. Design elements include concrete floors, vaulted timber ceilings, large stone archways, stained-glass accents, and Gothic light fixtures.

An advantage of this property is that, despite its historical and local significance, it is not listed or protected, making obtaining planning permission relatively straightforward. If you’re interested, the Twechar Church is currently for sale with the Church of Scotland at the reasonable price of £219,995 ($286k).

Art Deco Church, Picardy, France: £334,200 ($425k)

If you’ve ever dreamt of living in rural France, a captivating opportunity awaits in Picardy with this stunning Art Deco church. Less than two hours from both Paris and Brussels and conveniently located near a TGV train station, this property offers a serene countryside setting surrounded by expansive fields.

Listed with Patrice Besse for €390,000 (approximately £333,000 or $425k), this brick church was constructed in 1932, replacing an 11th-century structure that succumbed to enemy fire during World War I. Tasked with a modern vision, a local architect designed this remarkable Art Deco edifice. While the church remained unscathed during World War II, its doors closed for worship in 1979, and it sat vacant for three decades. Although partially restored by subsequent owners, there’s ample opportunity for further rejuvenation. Notable features awaiting restoration include intricate hand-painted murals adorning the walls and ceilings.

Enter through a stone staircase to discover a grand nave adorned with a beamed ceiling, tiled floors, elegant arched windows, imposing pillars, and exposed brick walls. Additional features include a vault, a first-floor area leading to the bell tower, a cozy drawing room, and a lush garden offering panoramic countryside vistas.

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Church and Vicarage, Wales, UK: £375,000 ($487k)

This listing in Y Felinheli, Gwynedd, northwest Wales, priced at £375,000 ($487k), presents a unique opportunity by offering not only a historic brick church but also the adjacent large detached vicarage. Both structures, believed to date from 1865, are constructed with Welsh stone and were likely integral parts of the local community.

The church, measuring 2,500 square feet, features dressed stone mullion windows, stone door architraves, a slate roof, and a structurally impressive design.

The main nave is particularly enchanting, boasting a vaulted ceiling, exposed timbers, and stained-glass windows.

The accompanying vicarage, covering approximately 2,250 square feet across four floors, is well-maintained but requires modernization. The interior, offering a blank canvas for transformation, includes an entrance hall, living room, dining room, kitchen, library, office, five double bedrooms, two bathrooms, a garage, and a spacious garden. While both properties need work, this combined listing provides a compelling package for those seeking a unique restoration project.

Grand Brick Church, Pennsylvania, USA: £731,500 ($950k)

This former church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, represents an enticing fixer-upper opportunity. Located in the heart of the city, just a few blocks from Temple University, the commercial property is a significant local landmark with historic charm.

Listed for sale with TCS Management, the church’s construction date is not specified, but its interior showcases grand and imposing features.

The expansive space includes a spacious entrance, a nave with a striking statement ceiling, several side rooms that could be transformed into bedrooms, and numerous captivating period details. These details encompass beautiful stonework, large arches, soaring ceilings, and intricate stained glass.

Despite its current state of disrepair, the church exudes personality and potential, offering unique character and a generous 14,000-square-foot garden outside. With some dedicated restoration efforts, this property holds the promise of becoming a remarkable and distinctive residence.

Unique Chicago Church, Illinois, USA: £1.9 million ($2.5m)

This unique church in Chicago, Illinois, presents an exciting investment opportunity but comes with a hefty price tag of just under £1.9 million ($2.5 million).

Originally constructed in 1892, the property is in need of a comprehensive overhaul, offering the potential for various uses such as a condo conversion, corporate headquarters, luxury apartments, or a distinctive family residence.

Situated on 0.18 acres of land, the church boasts an impressive 17,245-square-foot interior spread across three floors. While requiring extensive renovation, the property features notable elements, including its original organ, fine woodwork, timber sanctuary ceiling, and a spacious basement level ready for repurposing.

One of the standout features of the church is its remarkable original stained-glass windows, adding a touch of historic charm that could be retained in any future transformation. Whether as a condo conversion or another innovative project, this property holds the potential for a truly extraordinary living or commercial space.

Central Manhattan Church, New York, USA: £2.3 million ($3m)

This abandoned church in the East Village of New York City, dating back to 1900, offers a unique opportunity for ownership in central Manhattan. With a stunning exterior featuring a soaring brick façade and arched windows, the building’s interior is equally impressive, boasting a two-storey nave adorned with vibrant blue paintwork, gilded detailing, vintage light fixtures, and custom stained-glass windows.

Spanning three floors and encompassing 6,575 square feet, the church includes a dramatic mezzanine above the nave and several spacious rooms that seem to have served as classrooms, all awaiting extensive renovation.

The property also features a large flat roof, potentially transformable into a spectacular rooftop deck with views of the iconic city skyline.

Despite its current state requiring substantial restoration, the church holds immense potential for conversion into multiple apartments, a single-family home, or even a high-end hotel. For those with the financial means, this unique property is listed at £2.3 million ($3 million).

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