Couple Bought Abandoned Chapel For £125k And Want To Turn It Into Their Dream Home

A couple on the hunt for a larger house struck an incredible deal by purchasing a complete chapel for only half the price of an average home. Alexander Waddington and Sabrina Magnus-Waddington, who live in Penrhyndeudraeth in Gwynedd, managed to acquire Capel Fron for just £125,000. Now, they have ambitious plans to transform it into their dream home.

The couple is about to dive into a significant project, as the chapel spans 3000 square feet and retains its original pews, floors, and even a hidden area underneath. Despite their experience being mainly with smaller renovation projects, Alexander and Sabrina are eager to take on this substantial undertaking.

When they move in, they won’t be alone – their four dogs, two chickens, and a rabbit will be joining them. So, it’s fortunate that there will be plenty of space for everyone. The couple purchased the former place of worship towards the end of the previous year, and now the renovations are officially underway.

Discussing the monumental task ahead, Alexander, aged 33, shared, “Last year, we were in search of a larger house, and this property popped up on the market. It was available for just about a week, and we immediately offered the full asking price. However, our offer was initially rejected.”

He continued, “After three months, we found out that the deal fell through for the previous buyer, so we made another offer. This time, it was accepted. Now, several months later, we have secured planning permission to transform it into a three-level, four-bedroom house. We’ve taken on smaller renovations before, but nothing of this magnitude.”

Despite visiting the chapel during the winter, when the building was cold and water was seeping in, the couple still fell head over heels for it. “The windows were in poor shape, and there were issues, but we couldn’t help but be captivated by its charm. We’re looking at spending around £50,000 to £60,000 just to replace the more than 50 windows that need fixing,” Alexander mentioned.

In terms of their plans for the space, Alexander explained, “We’re aiming to repurpose the pews as part of our kitchen units and other creative ideas. Our starting point will be the ground floor. We’re looking to replace the floor, as it’s in bad condition, and we’re also going to remove an internal wall.”

The couple had been searching for a larger home for a while, but finding the perfect place had proven to be a challenge. “Constructing a spacious house in north Wales is quite difficult, and the largest structures available are often industrial buildings or former churches,” Alexander noted. The chapel is built into a rocky surface and sits on a quarter-acre plot of land.

“When we first saw it, we took in every detail. Even in its state of disrepair during the winter, we were amazed by its potential. We were instantly smitten and knew it was meant to be our dream home. It’s both thrilling and a bit overwhelming,” Alexander concluded with excitement.

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