Circa 1880 Abandoned House For Sale In Syracuse, NY $2K

This old house in the Brighton neighborhood of Syracuse used to be quite the beauty. Back in its heyday, this area was home to a mix of regular folks and professionals. The house itself, a charming 1880 Queen Anne, sits proudly on Midland Avenue, right across from the lovely former First Methodist Episcopal Church, which was built in 1927 and is now known as the Greater Love in Christ Church.

Now, it’s in the care of the Syracuse Land Bank and they’re looking to sell it for just $5,000, but there are a few conditions you should know about.

This Southside two-family house has a brand new roof and is quite a unique and intriguing place. Each unit has three bedrooms, and until July 5, 2022, it’s only available for people who plan to live there themselves or renovate it and sell it to someone who will. The property comes with a driveway and a nice backyard space, and if you want, you can even turn it into one large single-family home.

Here are the important details:

  • 6 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 2,203 square feet
  • Built around 1880

But there are a few catches with this deal. First, let’s talk about the neighborhood—it’s not the fanciest. Second, the house needs some work, and then there are a few more things to consider.

The Syracuse Land Bank estimates that it’ll cost about $143,000 to fix up this place, and you’ll need to show that you have $148,000 in funds to make the purchase. This property is part of their Homeownership Choice Program, which means you either need to live in it or fix it up and sell it to someone who will. It’s being sold as-is, with no guarantees or promises. You can find the Property Purchase Application and Contract to Purchase on their website. If you’re interested, make sure to submit your offer by the first Tuesday of each month for consideration at the Board of Directors Meeting, which usually happens on the third Tuesday of each month. Just be sure to double-check the dates and times. Oh, and keep in mind that renovation costs could exceed $145,000, so make sure you have enough funds for both the purchase and the fixes.

2027 Midland Ave, Syracuse, NY 13205         $5,000 Reduced to $2,000

Contact Realtor: Greater Syracuse Land Bank with Greater Syracuse Land Bank

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