C.1865 Abandoned Church For Sale In Syracuse, NY $1K

Let’s take a stroll through history with this charming building. It used to be the First Ward Methodist Episcopal Church. The roots of this congregation trace all the way back to 1807 when they began gathering in a small chapel. Fast forward to 1864, and they started laying the foundation of this beautiful brick building. By 1865, the construction was complete, and the church was officially dedicated. Interestingly, the whole project cost $13,000 – quite a sum in those days!

The congregation thrived and buzzed with activity until the 1960s. It was a lively place, where people came together for turkey dinners, rummage sales, roast beef luncheons, study groups, and bazaars – a true community hub.

Here are the key details:

  • Studio
  • Built in the year 1865

This historic place is a treasure trove of memories and stories from the past.

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