Before And After Of This Abandoned House

Back in December 2020, this property hit the market with a price tag of $25,000, and at that time, it had sat abandoned for quite a number of years. To be honest, it seemed like it might be beyond saving. However, a glimmer of hope emerged when it was purchased for the incredibly reasonable sum of $8,500. When the new owner took charge, there wasn’t much left in terms of the original interior elements.

But here’s where the story takes an exciting turn. The new owner invested an immense amount of effort and care into revitalizing the property, breathing new life into it. Fast forward to June 23, 2023, and this once-neglected gem was successfully sold for a remarkable $196,000. It’s truly a transformation worth celebrating!

Just take a look at the Before and After:


14012 Route 38, Richford, NY 13835 Price: $25,000

This charming old farmhouse could use a little tender loving care, but it comes with a generous 1.43 acres of land.


14012 State Route 38, Richford, NY 13835 Price: $229,000

Take a look at this newly renovated home with some impressive before-and-after photos to showcase the transformation. It’s received a complete makeover, including new roofing, top-notch insulation, windows, doors, elegant granite countertops, beautifully refinished original floors, updated electrical and plumbing, a modern heating system, a spacious master bedroom with a walk-in closet and attached bathroom, a cozy covered back porch, charming exposed original beams, brand-new appliances, and even a backyard with a serene trout stream, a lovely garden, and fresh landscaping. This is a must-see property, and it’s listed at $229,000.

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