Beautiful 1890 Upham Winter Cottage For $1.3 Million in Saint Augustine, Florida

$1,300,000 | Built 1890 | 5,403 Sq. Ft. | 7 Beds | 4.5+ Baths | 0.26 Acres

Enter the captivating world of Upham Winter Cottage, an enchanting Queen Anne Victorian nestled on a spacious quarter-acre lot in the heart of St. Augustine’s beloved historic preservation district. This remarkable residence, built in 1893 as a winter retreat for Civil War and Plains Indian War veteran John J. Upham, is a testament to the seamless fusion of Queen Anne Victorian architecture and stunning Moorish Revival elements seen in the courtyard arches. With its original millwork, wood floors, and distinctive octagonal shape, this home transports you to the opulence of the Gilded Age. Over the years, illustrious figures such as novelist Henry James and artist Martin Johnson Heade have graced its halls, leaving behind the echoes of their stories. Picture the hushed conversations in the courtyard, the laughter echoing through the garden, and the secrets whispered under starlit skies during magical evenings filled with twinkling lights and live music.

As time unfolded, the Upham Winter Cottage gracefully adapted to the ever-shifting currents of history. The original owners embarked on a continuous journey of expansion, introducing a ballroom, rooftop garden, and atrium to the property. Yet, the tale of this cottage took a multifaceted turn – transitioning into a multi-family residence for a significant portion of the 20th century before reverting to a single-family dwelling in the late 1980s. Local residents who called this remarkable abode home throughout the years fondly recount the memories forged within its walls.

From the exuberant galas of the Flagler Era to the legendary Mardi Gras celebrations, the Upham Winter Cottage stands as a silent witness to countless extraordinary events spanning the ages. Today, as you step into its storied embrace, you become an integral part of the Upham Winter Cottage’s narrative. Embrace the unique opportunity to revive its grandeur and assume the role of its guardian, contributing to the preservation of its rich heritage while crafting a new and vibrant chapter in its captivating history.

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Photography Credit: Evan Ulsh

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