Abandoned Stunning European Mansions And Castles For Sale

If you dream of experiencing the ultimate European getaway, you’re in luck! These magnificent properties, just waiting for a makeover, offer the perfect opportunity to live out your fairy tale. Picture lush, overgrown gardens, majestic towers, and echoing, empty corridors. Take a virtual tour through these enchanting abandoned mansions and castles up for sale.

Neglected Country House, Umbria, Italy: £252,500 ($320k)

Welcome to our next restoration project, nestled just beneath the picturesque medieval village of Citerna in Italy’s lovely Umbria region. Though labeled as a farmhouse, this 14-room gem feels more like a grand country estate, complete with its very own barn, all set against the stunning Umbrian countryside. Priced at a reasonable £253,800 ($319k) or €295,000, let’s explore this Italian fixer-upper…

Step inside to discover a ground floor adorned with four graceful arches and original flooring, where former animal stalls with elegant vaulted ceilings await transformation into a spacious open-plan living and kitchen area, leading seamlessly to a terrace. While the walls are in decent shape, some sections of the roof and floors need attention, as noted in the listing.

Ascending through three floors, you’ll encounter the charm of exposed beams and authentic ceiling tiles, along with a rustic stone sink and fireplace in the original kitchen area. Rumor has it, there’s even a hidden underground passage believed to connect to the fortified village above, possibly used during ancient sieges.

Outside, at the back of the garden, this captivating estate boasts two intriguing catacombs and an old pigsty with a quaint walled courtyard near the main entrance. With over 75,000 square feet of land, there’s ample room for adding a pool, enhancing the picturesque landscape surrounded by lush evergreen trees and breathtaking mountain vistas typical of Umbria’s serene beauty.

16th-Century Presbytery, Liège, Belgium: £326,900 ($411k)

Priced at around £326,900 ($411k) or €380,000, this old presbytery is a real bargain. But be prepared to get your hands dirty because it needs a lot of TLC to restore it to its former glory.

We don’t have all the details about the place, but what we do know is that it’s been around since the 16th and 18th centuries, nestled next to a church in the heart of Wallonia, Belgium’s Liège province. This charming rural abode was once the residence of the local Roman Catholic priest, evident from its intricate architectural features and religious decor.

With its classical-style architecture and lovely brick exterior, the mansion exudes elegance. Inside, there’s plenty of space to work with, including an entrance hall, multiple reception areas, four bedrooms, and a bathroom. However, it’s in need of some serious renovation – think crumbling ceilings, dusty floors, and bare walls.

Outside, there’s a spacious enclosed garden spanning about 20,451 square feet. This property could be perfect for a growing family or could even be transformed into a boutique hotel or a picturesque wedding venue. So, are you up for the challenge of tackling this major fixer-upper?

15th-Century Castle, Corrèze, France: £593,700 ($747k)

This fairy tale castle is truly breathtaking. Nestled on nearly 15 acres in France’s central Corrèze region, this enchanting 15th-century home is both picturesque and secluded, boasting a wealth of authentic features.

Spread across four floors, the historic castle showcases round towers adorned with charming turrets covered in chestnut shingles, beautiful mullioned windows accented with stained glass, and a striking wooden front door embellished with the carved coat of arms of the former Earl’s family. Inside, the elegance continues. The ground floor welcomes you with a grand hallway, a cozy dining room, a serene library, and a convenient cloakroom, all adorned in the neo-Gothic style.

Further exploration reveals a spacious kitchen featuring a stunning granite inglenook fireplace and ten bedrooms – including four once designated for servants and two linked by a secret passage. Everywhere you turn, you’ll encounter exquisite period details such as intricate wood paneling, herringbone parquet flooring, rustic terracotta tiles, charming French-style painted ceilings, and rustic exposed beams. However, it’s evident that some restoration work is needed to revive these elements and restore the castle to its former splendor.

With a price tag of just £593,700 ($747k) or €690,000, this castle offers exceptional value, especially considering the array of outbuildings waiting to be utilized. These include a towering farm building featuring a garage, stables, and a cowshed, as well as a picturesque hayloft supported by graceful stone columns – perfect for a stylish barn conversion. Outside, the expansive English-style landscaped grounds beckon exploration. If you’ve fallen under its spell, this property is available for purchase through Patrice Besse.

13th-Century Schloss, Brandenburg, Germany: £688,300 ($867k)

After sitting empty for several years and receiving its last renovation back in 1975, this stunning 13th-century German castle is eagerly awaiting its new caretakers in the heart of western Upper Lusatia, nestled in southern Brandenburg.

Though brimming with remarkable original features, this castle is in dire need of a major makeover. Constructed in a rectangular layout with additional outbuildings during the Renaissance, it was later expanded with short side wings and a tower during the Baroque period. Currently lacking modern amenities like sanitary facilities and furnishings, and grappling with electrical issues as noted in the listing, it presents a prime opportunity for a comprehensive restoration project.

Listed for sale at €800,000, roughly £688,300 ($867k), this 39-room castle comes at a reasonable price, considering the extensive renovations it requires. According to the seller, some groundwork has been done, with electricity available onsite and infrastructure like gas, fresh water, sewage pipes, and internet already laid up to the property line.

Spanning approximately 25,000 square feet of interior space, this 13th-century German schloss is enveloped by its very own moat, accessible via charming bridges. Multiple balconies and terraces offer picturesque views of the surrounding countryside, creating an ideal setting for majestic outdoor dining in the warm German sunshine.

Vacant 17th-Century Castle, Cork, Ireland: £688,300 ($867k)

Who wouldn’t be enchanted by the opportunity to become the proud owner of this 17th-century castle, nestled amidst the serene woodlands of Cork, Ireland? With commanding views overlooking the picturesque Monkstown and the breathtaking south-easterly sea vistas, this 10-bedroom edifice has sat dormant and in disrepair for many years, until recently emerging on the market with a price tag of €800,000, approximately £688,300 ($867k).

While it awaits a dedicated investor to complete its full restoration, Monkstown Castle has seen some refurbishment efforts in recent times and comes with the valuable asset of full planning permission for the conversion into three apartments spanning the ground floor, first floor, and a penthouse apartment.

Offering a total of 9,150 square feet of living space, this Irish tower house boasts all essential connections and even features an existing lift shaft. The ground floor beckons with access to an external garden patio area, while the first floor, housing three bedrooms and a kitchen/living room, boasts a central fireplace dating back four decades.

The potential penthouse is adorned with magnificent vaulted ceilings, wooden beams, and skylights, offering four ensuite bedrooms, a library, and enchanting vistas overlooking the Monkstown golf course and the vast expanse of the ocean beyond. Does the allure of this dreamy abandoned Irish castle capture your imagination?

Manor House With Spring, Provence, France: £1 million ($1.3m)

How about diving into a rewarding renovation project tucked away in the coveted Cote d’Azur region of France? For just under €1.2 million, around £1 million ($1.3m), you could own a slice of sunny French paradise complete with two main buildings boasting origins dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, alongside agricultural plots, and its very own stream and spring.

Nestled amidst the tranquil Luberon countryside of Southern France, this nine-bedroom manor house has a fascinating backstory – originally serving as a folly for a wealthy family from Marseille, as per the listing. While rich tapestries once adorned its walls, they now await replacement due to fading, yet the elegant high ceilings and charming checkerboard flooring offer glimpses into the property’s storied past.

Though time-worn, tall windows, decorative wallpaper, and marble fireplaces still grace the interior spaces. Upstairs, the 18th-century part of the house boasts terracotta honeycomb tiling in the bedrooms, providing sweeping views across the picturesque manor grounds below. Meanwhile, beneath the 19th-century section lies a cellar and a boiler room.

Outside, the grounds reveal an outbuilding in dire need of restoration, a dormant hen house and hutches, while a tool shed sits adjacent to an old spring-fed pond. Surrounding the estate, a park and garden thrive with flowering shrubs, conifers, and majestic broadleaf trees, while a tranquil stream irrigates the farmland to the north of the manor. Described as a “sleeping beauty” by the listing agents, this property promises to be an exhilarating endeavor for any buyer keen to revive its former glory.

16th-Century Castle, Midi-Pyrénées, France: £1.3 million ($1.6m)

Perched on a picturesque 37-acre parcel, nestled between the scenic Olt Valley and ancient wheatlands, stands this magnificent 16th-century French castle, ensconced by venerable redwood trees. Evolving over several centuries, it boasts an impressive keep and numerous circular towers adorned with charming pepper pot turrets. Adding to its allure are some delightful surprises – all three buildings within the estate are interconnected via private, clandestine passageways.

The castle itself boasts a captivating 4,327-square-foot interior, brimming with exquisite design features. From elegant herringbone parquet floors to weathered terracotta tiles, exposed beamed ceilings, delicate lattice windows, vintage cast iron radiators, grand stone fireplaces, and intricately hand-painted motifs, each room exudes the rich tapestry of its storied past.

Comprising a formal living room, a cozy kitchen, a spacious dining area, and numerous bedrooms, all awaiting a touch of tender loving care, the castle also houses two expansive cellars boasting remarkable brick-barrel ceilings. Accessed via a spiral staircase in the central tower, the larger cellar boasts wooden support posts that lend further character to the space.

Ascending to the top floor reveals a neglected attic brimming with potential for conversion. Meanwhile, within the keep, five floors of untapped space beckon exploration and renovation. The estate also boasts a ‘secadou’, originally utilized for drying chestnuts, and a two-story, red sandstone barn adorned with a vaulted ceiling. Listed with Patrice Besse for €1.5 million, roughly £1.3 million ($1.6m), this extraordinary castle is sure to find a new owner eager to embrace its captivating history and endless possibilities.

Late 19th-Century Chateau, Saintonge, France: £1.3 million ($1.6m)

Situated in the charming Saintonge province of southwest France, this particular French chateau enjoys proximity to the renowned Cognac region, celebrated for its rich cultural legacy and abundant vineyards. With an asking price of €1.5 million, or £1.3 million ($1.6m), this late 19th-century chateau, accompanied by outbuildings and a sprawling 30-hectare park, presents an enticing opportunity for prospective buyers.

The main residence boasts a striking south-facing façade crafted from dressed limestone, known locally as “coquillère” (shell stone). French windows adorned with delicate small panes grace the upper floors, leading out onto charming balconies. The ground floor unveils a living room adorned with exquisite 18th-century geometric oak panelling, a feature sure to captivate the new owners.

Further exploration reveals another sizable family room, boasting an elegant white marble fireplace with delicate veining, complemented by more oak flooring and an ornate ceiling rose awaiting the graceful presence of a chandelier. While not entirely neglected, this stunning property eagerly awaits a caring new owner ready to revive its numerous rooms and preserve its remarkable period details.

The expansive grounds are dotted with multiple outbuildings, collectively known as the ‘farm’, situated to the right of the main residence upon approach. A picturesque fountain graces the alley leading towards the main entrance gate. To the east of this dream chateau lies an ancient circular moat, separating the vast 75-acre park from the estate’s lush meadows adorned with bountiful fruit-bearing trees.

18th-Century Rural Estate, Burgundy, France: £1.5 million ($1.9m)

If Burgundy, renowned for its exquisite wines, is your preferred destination, then this 18th-century rural estate might just capture your heart. With a hefty price tag of £1.5 million ($1.9m) or €1.8 million locally, this property offers a considerable amount of value for your investment.

For this substantial sum, you’ll acquire a sprawling 62-acre expanse of parklands, meadows, and woodlands, along with a grand U-shaped chateau. Many architectural elements of the building trace their origins back to the late 18th century, while others were added during the 19th century. Spread across two floors, the house is flanked by two distinctive wings, interconnected by a stately stone terrace. Stepping into the abandoned chateau, you’ll be greeted by a vast vestibule adorned with terrazzo flooring and a striking black marble fireplace.

The entrance opens up to the reception rooms: a dignified dining room, an inviting lounge, alongside a well-appointed library and study on the west side. Additionally, there are two kitchens, utility rooms, six bedrooms on the first floor, and a series of former staff quarters on the second. According to the listing agents, with renovation efforts, there’s potential to incorporate nine more bedrooms. Most of the interior spaces boast elegant herringbone parquet flooring, intricate wainscoting, classic French ceilings, opulent marble fireplaces, and casement windows adorned with delicate wrought-iron details.

Moreover, the estate features an attic and a cellar, both ripe for transformation. Notably, the basement extends beneath the eastern section of the chateau and was once part of a medieval fortress, boasting a network of vaulted stone tunnels. As if that weren’t enough, the property also includes a guest house, a caretaker’s cottage, an old orangery, a stable block, and several disused farm buildings awaiting conversion into additional accommodation.

Castle With Private Beaches, Lake Maggiore, Italy: £2.4 million ($3m)

Welcome to Villa Castello Pellegrini, an enchanting Italian renovation project that exudes the charm of a storybook castle with its picturesque turrets, towers, and wraparound balconies. Spanning an impressive 129,000 square feet of interiors, this property also boasts the luxury of two private beaches – offering an unparalleled outdoor space.

Currently listed with Sotheby’s International Realty for a reported €2.8 million, approximately £2.4 million ($3m), Villa Castello Pellegrini comes with all permits approved for its renovation. As indicated in the listing, it’s even possible to purchase the property fully restored, tailored to the preferences of the buyer. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by a grand foyer featuring a majestic marble staircase and your very own elevator for added convenience.

Once owned by the late Gianfranco Ferrè, the esteemed Italian designer often referred to as the “architect of fashion,” this neo-classical gem awaits its transformation. Built in the late 19th century, this nine-bedroom marvel spans three floors above ground and a basement floor, adorned with two charming circular corner turrets and a central square tower offering commanding views of your private beaches.

Nestled in the serene resort town of Lake Maggiore, the second largest lake in Italy, this Italian castle treats its inhabitants to breathtaking vistas across the lake from its wraparound balconies and numerous arched windows. Alongside the expansive villa, your purchase would also include a two-level annex featuring a kitchen, a living room, and two bathrooms, as well as a quaint cottage – perfect for accommodating your residence while you transform this property into a spectacular hotel.

Estate With A Spare Castle, County Meath, Ireland: £2.5 million ($3.2m)

Netterville Manor in County Meath, Ireland, is not just a home; it’s a remarkable real estate gem offering a unique opportunity. With a price tag of £2.5 million ($3.2m) or €2.9 million, listed with Christie’s International Real Estate, this property encompasses not only a stunning mansion but also a “spare” castle and panoramic views of Stone Age tombs.

Nestled in the heart of Ireland’s Boyne Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site housing the historic Neolithic tombs of Knowth, Dowth, and Newgrange, the estate offers glimpses of these ancient burial sites from certain vantage points in the garden. Constructed in 1877 by the Netterville Trust and designed by renowned architect George Ashlin, known for his work on Tulira Castle in Galway and Annemount in Cork, this estate has a rich history. Additionally, it was the birthplace of John Boyle O’Reilly, a prominent 19th-century writer.

The manor itself spans 6,049 square feet, boasting elegant yet dusty rooms adorned with original period features, including exquisite plasterwork, majestic chandeliers, and ornate fireplaces. A charming front porch leads into the hall, which connects to a drawing room, formal dining room, sitting room, study, kitchen, and four ensuite bedrooms, alongside a breathtaking two-storey library. The property also includes a private chapel and a detached garage.

Adjacent to the main house stands an impressive four-storey castle, considered to be in excellent condition, complete with heating and electricity services. Set on a sprawling 100-acre estate with beautifully landscaped gardens, including a Victorian stone-walled water feature, and boasting almost a kilometer of River Boyne frontage, this property offers endless possibilities. Whether you aspire to create the ultimate private stately home or establish a picturesque wedding venue, Netterville Manor presents a myriad of opportunities.

Six-Storey Medieval Castle, Umbria, Italy: £2.5 million ($3.2m)

Just envision the breathtaking vistas from the top of this six-storey castle tower, steeped in history dating back to the 11th century. Perched majestically on a hill in an Umbrian valley, known as Torre D’Annibale, this medieval marvel is nestled close to Passignano sul Trasimeno and the stunning Lake Trasimeno, one of Italy’s largest lakes. For a sum just shy of £2.5 million ($3.1m), or €2.9 million locally, this historic castle could become your very own restoration project.

As per the listing, the outer walls have been recently secured and renovated within the past seven years, while the tower itself has been stabilized and outfitted with an earthquake-proof frame. Both the main two-storey building and the tower have been lovingly restored using original antique bricks, yet the interiors await the creative touch of its fortunate new owners.

This captivating castle is partially developed, boasting already connected electricity and water services. Erected in 1100, the castle comprises a total of 21 rooms, including seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, awaiting redevelopment and decoration – perhaps with a medieval-inspired theme paying homage to its rich heritage?

With its numerous square windows and a vaulted ceiling adorned with a grand roof lantern, the castle’s tower offers unparalleled panoramic views, enhanced by its newly installed earthquake-proof frame. The possibilities are boundless with this historic Italian property, offering the opportunity to craft a unique private residence or a captivating commercial venue, perfect for hosting unforgettable events.

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