Abandoned Restored 1906 Stone Castle Reduced to $3.49M in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Check out this amazing renovated stone castle from 1906 in Minneapolis, Minnesota! It’s got about 12,000 square feet of living space and the price has been lowered to $3.49 million.

Let me give you the scoop on this place. The Castle on Mt. Curve is like a story waiting to be told. Imagine a gothic romance novel coming to life. Words and pictures don’t do it justice. This historic castle sits on a big lot next to a street lined with old-fashioned houses from the Gilded Age.

The owners poured over $2 million into carefully restoring the home. They respected its history and craftsmanship while making sure everything was up-to-date. The living space covers four levels and includes ten bedrooms and nine bathrooms. There are fancy details like intricate grillwork, unique ceilings, and over forty stained glass windows. Don’t worry, they’re backed by special energy-efficient panes that keep the original charm intact. You’ll find stunning Black Walnut floors and beautifully carved Mahogany millwork throughout.

Here’s something cool: there’s a tunnel that leads to a Carriage House and a heated garage. They fit right in with the lush gardens and peaceful roads. It’s like a scene out of Downton Abbey! This special home has been tastefully updated and it’s in a spot that makes it easy to enjoy everything Minneapolis has to offer, including shopping and nearby suburbs.

If this sounds like your dream home, you’ll be glad to know it’s on the market for $3.49 million. Patricia Pidcock from Edina Realty is the one handling the sale. And guess what? The photos were taken from a spacecraft!

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