Abandoned Hoarder Houses That Are Full To The Brim

These spooky old houses photographed by Dave of Freaktography may look deserted and in disrepair, but they’re far from vacant. They’re like treasure chests filled with memories from days gone by, stuffed with all sorts of personal items and old-fashioned treasures. Exploring them feels like peeking into the lives of the people who used to live there. Who knows, there might even be some valuable surprises hiding under all that mess…

Forgotten Hoarder’s Cabin

This old cabin in Southern Ontario, rumored to have been last inhabited by the son of its original owners, is a scene straight out of a time capsule. Decades of history are crammed into its walls, but sadly, neglect has taken its toll.

The once open and inviting living area now resembles more of a dumping ground. Sofas, adorned with family memories, share space with heaps of clothes and bills on a cluttered coffee table. It seems the previous owner left everything behind when they departed.

Venturing deeper into the cabin reveals more relics frozen in time. A once elegant chandelier now hangs forgotten, draped in layers of dust and cobwebs. Valued possessions lie scattered on the floor, abandoned to the passage of years. Tucked away in a corner sits an intricate birdcage, its former occupant long gone.

What was once a cozy retreat with a roaring fireplace now lies buried under layers of grime. Amongst the dust, ribbons from competitions past hang alongside cherished family photos. The floor is strewn with magazines and discarded artwork, hinting at lives once lived within these walls.

Majestic Abandoned Mansion

Tucked away at the end of a winding driveway, surrounded by trees, lies this forgotten mansion. Despite its majestic arched windows and red brick exterior, the interior tells a different tale altogether.

What was once a grand entrance hall, boasting a spiral staircase, now stands in ruins, overrun with discarded belongings. Every room is a chaotic maze of personal items, from toys and jewelry to clothes, suggesting a reluctance to let go of the past.

Adjacent to the hall is a living room adorned with a majestic wood-paneled ceiling and an original brick fireplace. Yet, these architectural marvels are obscured by stacks of boxes containing everything from canned goods to family photo albums. In days gone by, this room would have been a cozy haven for family gatherings around the crackling hearth.

In addition to the cluttered bedrooms throughout the house, rumors abound of a secret attic room hidden amidst the rafters, said to house a trove of forgotten treasures amassed over the years. From valuable antiques like an antique typewriter to cherished games and aged photographs, these abandoned relics could fetch a handsome sum in today’s market.

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Eerie Untouched Collector’s House

Photographer Freaktography ventured into this hauntingly abandoned house in Southern Canada, capturing its eerie ambiance. Once the cherished abode of a couple with a fondness for dolls, trinkets, and literature, it now stands as a silent testament to their passion for collecting.

Despite its deserted state, the living room remains a haunting scene, dominated by countless shelves adorned with dolls and miniatures. The couple’s extensive collection was so vast that figurines had to be arranged atop the shelves, nestled alongside fading family portraits.

In the bedroom, another of their obsessions takes center stage. Mountains of books fill every available space, a testament to their lifelong pursuit of knowledge and entertainment.

Frozen in time, the house whispers of a past when it was likely a warm and inviting sanctuary, especially evident in the spacious living room with its expansive picture window. But now, with the glass shattered, the elements have begun their relentless assault on the once-treasured collections, casting doubt on their future preservation.

Abandoned Time Warp Home

Following the passing of both its owners, this house was left untouched, gradually succumbing to neglect. Brimming with vintage treasures like antiques and musical instruments, it’s a nostalgic journey through time. However, signs of decay are evident throughout. The once-vibrant retro kitchen, now faded to pink, is cluttered with crockery, while the sink overflows with debris—a stark contrast to its former glory.

The bedroom, likely once a teenager’s haven, now bears the scars of neglect. Dog-eared posters cling to the walls, while the bed is buried beneath layers of dusty rubbish, a casualty of the collapsing ceiling.

In the living room, amidst stacks of old magazines and videos, hints of attempted tidying emerge. Urban explorer Dave, of Freaktography fame, stumbled upon fragments of the family’s history hidden among the clutter, like birth certificates and wedding photos.

Even the piano, once a cherished centerpiece, now serves as a repository for forgotten belongings, adorned with faded vinyl records and small figurines. Beneath it, neatly stacked piles of magazines further testify to the passage of time within these walls.

Southern Belle Frozen In Time

Situated in Louisville, Georgia, this abandoned residence stands as a relic of its former occupants. Despite its current state of decay, echoes of its past elegance still resonate within its walls. With its soaring 15-foot ceilings, expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, and rich pine floors, this villa was once a beacon of grandeur in the area. However, stepping inside reveals a stark contrast to its former glory.

Documented by photographer Leland Kent, the property’s last known inhabitant was believed to be Ms. Eve Griffin, a prominent figure in the lounge music scene during the 1960s and 1970s. Eve acquired the property in 1987 for a modest sum of £23,000 ($30k). Remnants like the vintage black and white Elvis poster adorning one of the rooms serve as a testament to her passion for music and her successful singing career.

Locally dubbed the ‘Hoarder House,’ the property is now a repository of forgotten treasures, filled with relics ranging from old toys to clothing and furniture pieces. The once majestic living room, adorned with draped pelmets and a verdant brocade sofa, now lies in ruins, its floor strewn with fallen plaster. Stuffed animals and dolls now inhabit this once lively family space.

The front downstairs bedroom is overwhelmed by a mountain of clothing, blankets, and assorted knick-knacks, obscuring the floor from view. One can’t help but wonder what valuable artifacts or nostalgic remnants might be concealed beneath the layers of debris, waiting to be rediscovered.

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