Abandoned Gilded Age Villa on 6.9 Acres of Private Island Finds Buyer After Years! Photos Inside!

Property Description

Welcome to the enchanting Carleton Island villa, a historical gem resting on 6.9 acres of picturesque land. This remarkable estate boasts not one, but three distinct water access points, making it a waterfront paradise. You’ll find 198 feet of pristine shoreline right in front of the villa, 287 feet along the serene North Bay, and an additional 330 feet hugging the tranquil South Bay.

The villa itself holds a rich history, having stood proudly for over seven decades. Nestled upon a stone base, the upper stories, supported by wooden frames, have weathered the test of time. While the villa is not currently connected to modern utilities, rest assured that water and power sources are readily accessible from the river.

Built around the year 1895, this architectural marvel was a hub of activity until around 1927. However, the echoes of its past are etched into its walls. Back in the World War era, contractors were granted access to the villa, resulting in the removal of interiors, doors, and windows—exposing the villa to the elements.

This estate boasts an impressive 11 bedrooms, spanning across a vast 15,000 square feet of living space. The sprawling 6.9 acres of land provide ample room for exploration and potential.

Situated at Lot 1, Cape Vincent, New York 13618, the Carleton property is not just a house, but a piece of history.

A Glimpse into the Past

The villa’s story begins with William O. Wyckoff, a sales agent for E. Remington & Sons and the visionary behind the Standard Typewriter Manufacturing Company, Incorporated in 1886. In the 1890s, Wyckoff erected the grand Wyckoff Villa—a true testament to his legacy. This impressive mansion, blending Richardsonian Romanesque and Tudor Revival styles, spans a generous 15,000 square feet and was crafted under the guidance of architect William Henry Miller.

Despite its grandeur, Wyckoff Villa’s occupancy was brief. Tragically, Wyckoff passed away a mere day after moving in, leaving behind a dwelling of both promise and untold stories.

A Storied Legacy

The villa’s ownership saw a transition to General Electric, who contemplated transforming it into a corporate retreat. Unfortunately, the advent of World War II altered those plans, and the mansion’s fate took a different turn. The war prompted the removal of its windows and doors, rendering it vulnerable to the elements. The enduring stone foundation and wooden upper floors have since suffered the consequences of exposure, leaving the villa in a state of gentle decay.

Embracing the Future

The villa’s next chapter awaits, as a dedicated buyer steps forward with the intention to breathe new life into its weathered walls. The echoes of history and the dreams of its past occupants will be preserved and revitalized, ensuring that the Carleton Island villa continues to stand as a testament to time, resilience, and the enduring allure of a bygone era.

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