Abandoned 1900 George F. Barber Victorian in Fleischmanns, NY (PHOTOS)

The forgotten 1900 George F. Barber Victorian in Fleischmanns, NY, is like a snapshot from a different time in American architecture. This grand building, which used to be a private home, now stands alone, slowly wearing away as the years go by. Its impressive features that once caught everyone’s eye are now fading, but there’s still something captivating about this abandoned mansion, especially for those who love history and beautiful designs.

Back in 1900, a prominent architect named George F. Barber crafted this Victorian gem. Originally, it was the residence of a well-off family who had made their fortune in the tanning industry nearby. The design follows the Queen Anne style, showcasing fancy elements like turrets, gables, and intricate decorations. Inside, the house boasted tall ceilings, detailed moldings, and breathtaking stained glass windows.

As time rolled on, the house switched hands quite a few times. In the 1950s, it even turned into a hotel where visitors stayed while exploring the nearby Catskill Mountains. Yet, as interest in the region waned, the hotel’s luck dwindled, and it eventually closed down.

Since then, the house has been left to itself, slowly falling apart. Leaky roofs have caused damage to the upper floors and delicate plaster work on the ceilings. Those once-stunning stained glass windows are now broken, and the wooden floors groan as you walk on them. Despite the wear and tear, the house still has that special something that makes you imagine what it must have been like when it was in its prime.

The Fleischmanns Victorian has turned into a local legend, surrounded by stories and whispers. Some say it’s haunted by the spirits of its past occupants, while others believe there’s a hidden treasure somewhere on the grounds. These tales might be more imagination than reality, but they add to the house’s mystique and make it even more captivating for those who come to see it.

Even though the Fleischmanns Victorian is showing its age, there’s a hope that someday it could return to its former glory. Over the years, there have been attempts to sell the property, but no one has taken on the immense task of restoring it just yet. But considering its rich history and unique architectural beauty, it’s easy to see that the Fleischmanns Victorian could become a breathtaking home or a truly special boutique hotel if it’s brought back to life.

For now, the abandoned 1900 George F. Barber Victorian in Fleischmanns, NY, remains a mesmerizing relic of days gone by. The crumbling exterior might be a far cry from its past grandeur, but for those who cherish history and exceptional architecture, it’s still a remarkable sight to see.

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