Abandoned 1891 Mooreland Mansion Sold for $78K in Harrodsburg, Kentucky

The Historic Mooreland Mansion, originally called Ashfeld Manor, has been sitting empty and exposed to the weather for quite a while, even though it’s one of the biggest and most fascinating buildings in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. The sale of the mansion was officially recorded on May 22, 2020, and the buyer paid $78,101 for it. Back on April 18, 2020, the house and the surrounding 2.96 acres were put up for sale at a price of $49,500. Surprisingly, just four days later, on April 22, they were already labeled as pending, meaning someone was interested.

We’re not sure who exactly designed the 1891 Romanesque Revival home that Colonel Daniel Lawson Moore built for his wife, Miss Minnie Ball, but some folks think it might be similar to the work of Clarke & Loomis, well-known architects of that time. Before the current owner, the Mooreland Mansion was taken over by a bank through a foreclosure auction, and they paid $329,465 for it. In the most recent ad, they’re describing the property as a piece of land with a house on it. Unfortunately, no one is allowed to go into the house due to health and safety concerns. Everything is being sold in its current condition, and that’s how it is. Big shout-out to the Bluegrass Team for taking those photos!

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