A Louisiana Real Estate Agent Is Giving Away This Allegedly Haunted House for Free

Hey, here’s a pretty cool offer for those of you house hunting right now. If you’re alright with having the alleged ghost of an elderly lady named Adele (not the singer, by the way) as a roommate, this house in Louisiana could be yours for free! Adele’s known for making a ruckus in the kitchen.

Let’s rewind a bit to how this all started. Back in March, a real estate agent named Sylvia McLain posted on Facebook about a property that she wanted to get rid of quickly. Her company, McClain Development, had bought the land and house, planning to build new things there. She said they’d love if someone took the house to restore it instead of tearing it down. The house was free for anyone willing to move and fix it up. Sylvia explained, “We’re offering it to anyone who wants to move it somewhere else and bring it back to life.”

The Facebook post had some pictures and a short description, but there’s no official listing you can find. According to Metro, moving the house nearby might cost around $40,000, but it could go up to $80,000 if they had to take it apart and then put it back together.

Here’s the twist: Nobody has taken up the offer so far. But, I don’t think it’s just about the cost. If you read through the thousands of comments on the post, you’ll find some saying things like “needs to be cleansed in holy water and blessed,” which gives you an idea of why this post got so much attention. People on Facebook pointed out that there are stories of “strange noises” in the walls and other “unexplained” things happening in the house. While there isn’t a confirmed story of what happened in the Louisiana house, many agree that it has some spooky history, possibly because it was built on land once occupied by Native Americans.

The Mirror got in touch with Dawn Vallot DeClout, who used to live in the house. She claims her great grandmother Adele’s spirit haunts the place. Adele passed away in 1967 at 90 years old in the front room of the house. At just 4’9”, Adele was known for making noise in the kitchen. Dawn says, “We believe [Adele] is the ghost, but she’s not menacing at all.” Dawn recalls hearing the pots rattling in the kitchen even when she was alone at home. Adele had a reputation for making noise, especially with those pots.

So, is it a good idea to take on a house with a reputation for being haunted? While a big renovation could bring the house back to life, the question is whether Adele and her pots will come along. Maybe the folks from “Murder House Flip” should give it a shot!

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