A List Of Some Of The Most Amazing & Eerie Abandoned Places Worldwide

It’s fascinating to think about what becomes of deserted villages and how they ended up that way in the first place. All around the world, there are countless abandoned villages, each with its own unique story about why it was left behind. Some may have been deserted due to natural causes, while others might have simply outlived their usefulness to the people who once lived there.

Here’s a rundown of some of the most captivating abandoned spots:

Chaiten, Chile; South America

In 2008, a volcano erupted and wiped out the village of Chaiten. To add to the disaster, the Blanco River flooded the entire area, making it impossible for the residents to return. Interestingly, nearly 9,000 years before this event, the village was struck by another volcanic eruption. The government rebuilt the town a few miles away, but it still remained too close to the volcano. Nowadays, there are destroyed houses and twisted telephone wires – barely any signs of past habitation.

Oradour-sur-Glance, France

Some deserted places came about through natural occurrences, while others resulted from human actions. This French hamlet was devastated in 1944 when a German Waffen-SS company brutally killed around 600 residents.

Berlin, Nevada

Numerous towns in the American West were abandoned once miners extracted all the available gold and moved on to the next potential gold mine. Many of these towns still stand today and attract tourists.

Pripyat, Ukraine

The Chernobyl disaster is well-known. Due to the extremely high radiation levels after the 1986 nuclear incident, over 5,000 residents of Pripyat were forced to evacuate. Experts estimate that it will take thousands of years before the area is safe for humans again.

Mirny Diamond Mine, Eastern Siberia, Russia

This abandoned site was created by human hands once more. Stalin ordered the excavation of this pit to meet the Soviet Union’s diamond demand. However, the project was abandoned when the task of digging such a massive hole proved too challenging.

Seneca Lake, New York Farmhouse

A farmhouse in Seneca Lake, New York, now serves as a kind of resting place for old vehicles and car parts, giving it an oddly intriguing appearance.

Ryugyong Hotel Pyongyang, North Korea

The construction of this hotel faced more challenges than anticipated. Originally planned as a 105-story building, work halted a few years in due to the country’s famine. After a 16-year hiatus, construction resumed in 2008. The exterior is finished and occupied, but the interior remains largely empty.

Willard Asylum Willard, New York

Asylums often evoke eerie feelings, and this one is no different. Built in 1869 and closed in 1955, it once housed around 4,000 patients. Over 50,000 people who spent their lives here are buried on its grounds. The mortuary stands out as one of the eeriest parts of the structure.

Sanzhi UFO Houses, San Zhi, Taiwan

These UFO-inspired dwellings were initially designed for sale to the US military in the late 1970s. However, they were abandoned by 1980 due to lack of interest and funds.

Six Flags Jazzland, New Orleans

After Hurricane Katrina, Six Flags New Orleans closed and never reopened. Many of the rides remain standing, and although there’s talk of rebuilding, for now, it stands vacant and desolate.

Gulliver’s Travels Park Kawaguchi, Japan

Situated beneath Mount Fuji, this park opened in 1997 but was forced to close after just a decade due to financial challenges.

Bannerman Castle – Pollepel Island, New York

The castle was erected by Francis Bannerman VI to store American military surplus bought after the Spanish conflict. In 1920, around 200 pounds of munitions exploded, causing significant damage and forcing the owner to flee.

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