221-year-old Abandoned Mansion Listed At Only $70,000

A 19th-century house in Alabama got a lot of attention on TikTok recently. People noticed it looks a lot like the house from the 2004 movie “The Notebook.” The video of the house got almost 700,000 views in just a week. Many are surprised that such a pretty place is left empty.

One TikTok user said they would fix it up if they had the money. Another mentioned it reminds them of Noah’s house from “The Notebook,” and another user agreed, liking the connection.

Jeremy Abbott, a photographer who likes to find and photograph abandoned places, shared some details about the house. He said the house hasn’t been sold because local rules say it must be fixed up exactly like it was originally. This would cost more than the house is worth. The city wants it to stay historically correct, so fixing it would be very expensive.

The house in Union Springs was built in 1800. It was put up for sale in 2011 for $175,000. By 2012, its price dropped to $70,000. But nobody bought it, and it was taken off the market.

Abbott found out from a neighbor named Chuck that an old woman who was very sick owned the house. He said houses usually get abandoned when the owner is too sick to care for it or has passed away. There’s always someone who owns it.

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Some people on TikTok wondered if the house was haunted. Abbott, who runs the “Abandoned Nashville” account, said he doesn’t believe in ghosts. He didn’t feel anything spooky in the house and even took a nap on an old couch there. He said it felt welcoming.

The house is big, with five bedrooms and two bathrooms, covering over 5,000 square feet and sitting on 0.61 acres of land.

A 2011 listing called it a “historic home” with original features like pocket doors, a butler’s pantry, a big staircase, and heating and cooling.

Abbott noticed the house was in bad shape. The front porch felt weak and there was a lot of damage near the stained glass window.

Even though it’s not in good shape, TikTok users think the house has a “Great Gatsby” style dream quality. One user felt sad thinking about the parties that might have been thrown there. Another called it their dream house, sad to see it just rotting away.

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