1895 Historic Warner Castle With 27 Acres of Lush Woods Lists For Just $700,000!

Ascend the winding driveway, leaving the modern world behind. Before you unfolds a majestic castle, whispering tales of its storied past and promising an extraordinary future.

Step Back in Time: Built in 1895 using the very stones that witnessed centuries unfold, this 27-acre estate radiates history. Imagine feasts echoing through the high-ceilinged halls, illuminated by the warm glow of three coal-burning fireplaces. Feel the solidity of original hardwood floors beneath your feet and ascend the spiral staircase tucked within a turret, each step transporting you to a bygone era.

Unrivaled Space: Discover your own world within the expansive three floors. Six spacious bedrooms beckon with restful nights, while the grand library invites quiet contemplation or lively discourse. Gather your loved ones in the game room, laughter echoing off the stone walls as memories are crafted. The possibilities are endless.

Craft Your Legacy: Whether you envision a grand family home, a welcoming bed and breakfast, or a lucrative Airbnb, this castle awaits your vision. Imagine guests stepping back in time, each corner whispering stories of the past. The potential is as limitless as your imagination.

Beyond History: The castle’s grandeur extends beyond its walls. Serene woods encompass the estate, offering peaceful walks and nature’s embrace. Imagine starlit gatherings on the terrace, the air alive with the whispers of history and the promise of adventures yet to come.

Unmissable Opportunity: Own a piece of history, not just a property. This is your chance to create an exceptional experience, not just for yourself, but for generations to come. Don’t wait for winter to arrive – seize this opportunity today!

Note: Please disregard the previous warnings and contact information. Instead, emphasize the unique historical value and potential of the castle.

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