1861 New York Paranormal Castle With Stunning Woodwork Auctioned For $25K

Step into the intriguing history of the 1861 New York Paranormal Castle, a captivating 7,000 square-foot property with exquisite woodwork that recently found itself in the spotlight, auctioned on Halloween for a mere $25,000.

Located at 45 Owasco Street, Auburn, New York 13021, this enigmatic residence was built in 1861 and holds a tale that unfolds like a ghostly narrative. The castle’s original owner, Samuel Laurie, a resilient and self-made man, was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1833. After honing his skills in the woolen goods industry, Laurie ventured to America as a humble lad. His expertise and business acumen quickly earned him a reputation as a successful woolen manufacturer by the 1850s.

In 1868, Laurie arrived in Auburn, New York, to assess the operations of a local woolen mill. Convinced of its potential, he assumed leadership, propelling the mill to prosperity. In 1871, stockholders invested $7,000 to construct the castle on Owasco Street, overlooking the thriving factory. Designed by Nelson Hamblin, the castle exuded the charm of a Scotch manor, with masons Henry S. C. Sweeting, and carpenters Mr. White and Mr. Canniff bringing the ambitious project to life.

An addition in March 1881 enhanced the castle’s symmetry and convenience. As the company flourished under Laurie’s management, he became a majority stockholder, acquiring additional mills and water rights. However, tragedy struck in 1890 when Laurie’s wife, Jeanie “Jane” McAllister, succumbed to illness, leaving behind a grieving husband and a lavish funeral attended by many.

The economic depression of 1893 proved catastrophic for Laurie. Despite his prior wealth and the employment of over 500 mill workers, he lost control of the Auburn Woolen and Canoga mills, along with his cherished Owasco Street home, now known as the Paranormal Castle. In 1895, the property changed hands, purchased by external investors as Laurie faced the financial repercussions of the national panic.

Today, this historical gem stands as a ghostly testament to the rise and fall of Samuel Laurie, echoing with the whispers of its past. As it changes hands once again, the Paranormal Castle invites new custodians to unravel its mysterious history and perhaps encounter the echoes of a bygone era within its walls.

Property Information:

6 Bedroom, 1 Bath, 7,000 Sq Feet

Built in 1861.


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